Friday, 27 February 2015


It's navy & black isn't it?! 

Looks so polyester & scratchy and probably only slightly better in gold & white. Bleurgh.

'apparently' this dress appears as different colours with some saying black & blue, gold & white, & I've just seen one dude say brown, haha. 

And then this.

Just waiting for Si to confirm those with bad eye sight see gold & white haha. 

What colour do you see?!

Saturday, 21 February 2015


The wigster has been saving up (it lasted three days before i caved) for Elsa. She's been SO spoilt recently, mostly because of guilt- I'm always working/trying to buy myself five minutes peace to get some work done. 

Elsa was £35 & worth every penny. Willow literally hasn't put her down since we bought her (evidence below) 

She comes with Olaf. He doesn't do anything but he is massively cute. The only thing that gets me about kids toys (other than the mess/cost) is how often we end up doubling up on them. She has FIVE Holly's from the Little Kingdom because she comes with most of the sets. & now she wants the Anna doll who also comes with Olaf. Annoying. 

Did i mention that she finds the film too scary to watch?!