Friday, 6 March 2015


Willow's eating habits are pretty dire. I do my best but the kid hates trying new foods. & vegetables (with a passion). 

She's 2.4yo so a little young for this kind of bribery but it works to an extent. She still won't eat huge amounts of the new foods but she will try them & this has resulted in a few new meals that she will now eat. 

The only downside is that the chart i printed from the Internet is ten stars before receiving a reward & that feels like a long ol' time for a toddler! So I've included the odd star for helpful behaviour/not taking three hours to get dressed. 

I've also started juicing/blending with her, we pinched the name Brenda the Blender from 'Bing' & it seems to be working well. (making sure it's more veg than fruit & brushing teeth well yada yada).

Anyone have any tips for feeding a fussy toddler? 

Friday, 27 February 2015


It's navy & black isn't it?! 

Looks so polyester & scratchy and probably only slightly better in gold & white. Bleurgh.

'apparently' this dress appears as different colours with some saying black & blue, gold & white, & I've just seen one dude say brown, haha. 

And then this.

Just waiting for Si to confirm those with bad eye sight see gold & white haha. 

What colour do you see?!

Saturday, 21 February 2015


The wigster has been saving up (it lasted three days before i caved) for Elsa. She's been SO spoilt recently, mostly because of guilt- I'm always working/trying to buy myself five minutes peace to get some work done. 

Elsa was £35 & worth every penny. Willow literally hasn't put her down since we bought her (evidence below) 

She comes with Olaf. He doesn't do anything but he is massively cute. The only thing that gets me about kids toys (other than the mess/cost) is how often we end up doubling up on them. She has FIVE Holly's from the Little Kingdom because she comes with most of the sets. & now she wants the Anna doll who also comes with Olaf. Annoying. 

Did i mention that she finds the film too scary to watch?! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015


I recently tried the 'Bleach London' Total Bleach & White Toner. They were 3 for 2 in Boots (UK) & thank the hair Gods that i chose two boxes of bleach & one toner because their portion control is shocking. Unless you have a cute pixie cut buy all of the bleach (two boxes was plenty for my thick, just above the shoulder hair) or risk the walk of shame back to Boots for another box. The quality is fantastic so it makes sense that the quantity is less.

So this was the results. (See end of post for the before pic)

I'm really happy with the colour. I love it even more now that i have some dark roots. I'm dreading doing my roots in the future as my hair here was already pre-lightened, new hair means I'll have to go through the awkward yellow cringe stage. & I'm also hoping to keep one centimetre of dark roots which i will cock up if i try to do it myself.

I was really impressed with the 'Bleach London' kit. The bleach does what it says on the really cool/hipster box & it really does lift the colour better than any of the 5000 home dye kits that I've used in the past. The hair reincarnation conditioner that comes in the box is literally the best thing ever. The toner removed the last of the yellow & left me with white sparkly hair. Yay. My hair actually felt in better condition after this bleaching session. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?! 

Although I'm probably going to the Bleach salon in the future, for fifteen quid I'm chuffed with the Bleach London home dye kits. 

This was the before pic (my child loves me really).