Friday, 6 March 2015


Willow's eating habits are pretty dire. I do my best but the kid hates trying new foods. & vegetables (with a passion). 

She's 2.4yo so a little young for this kind of bribery but it works to an extent. She still won't eat huge amounts of the new foods but she will try them & this has resulted in a few new meals that she will now eat. 

The only downside is that the chart i printed from the Internet is ten stars before receiving a reward & that feels like a long ol' time for a toddler! So I've included the odd star for helpful behaviour/not taking three hours to get dressed. 

I've also started juicing/blending with her, we pinched the name Brenda the Blender from 'Bing' & it seems to be working well. (making sure it's more veg than fruit & brushing teeth well yada yada).

Anyone have any tips for feeding a fussy toddler? 

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