Sunday, 7 December 2014


I'm trying to stay positive about this but for someone that eats well (plant based, mostly organic, cooked from scratch yada yada) my kid eats like a teenager with the munchies. 

She's two. She should be eating healthy meals, cooked from scratch, right?! Snacking on carrot sticks & hummus, no?! Well.. She doesn't. I bin most of her dinners untouched. It doesn't matter what i present her with, unless it's sausages & waffles it goes in the bin. If i run out of ketchup even the waffles go in the bin. She eats porridge for breakfast which is great, & she does love fruit. But i don't believe I've ever seen her eat a vegetable, well not one that looks like a vegetable.. Apart from potato obvs. 

In my defence. If she eats crisps they are mainly organic corn puff things that cost a packet. Her ketchup is almost always organic & well it is a tomato. & i serve her healthy food 'most' days. I'd love nothing more than to sit down & eat an actual dinner with her but she is SO anti trying anything new & binning good food is soul destroying. 

So I'm going to make it my mission over the next few weeks to try some sneaky sneaky healthy meals that look like waffles & sausage. Will report back with any recipes! 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Browsing Twitter this morning i came across an 'OK! MAGAZINE' article about ex Eastenders star Elaine Lordan.

The article itself tells us that she has previously sought help for alcohol addiction, the same year her mother committed suicide (throwing herself in front of a tube train no less), she later suffered a miscarriage & shortly after her father passed away. & today she will wake up to pictures of herself downing a miniature bottle of wine all over the internet. 

Why is it so acceptable to kick someone when they are so very down?! This isn't an attack on 'OK! MAGAZINE'. I read it, i enjoy it, & i do have an interest in celebrity crud. 

My point is shouldn't whoever signed off on this story question the damage this story, & many like it could do to someone in an already fragile state? Is there no way you could have turned this into a positive? Maybe you could have reached out to her & offered help? 

There are countless celeb stories that the media can report that are welcomed by the person being publicly dissected. As her agent hasn't responded to 'OK!' yet I'm guessing this story won't be a welcomed one?! 

Anyway, i personally wish her well. I hope that she turns this into an opportunity to seek help. 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Now that I'm back at work full time, albeit from home, it's tough. I'm struggling to fit everything in. 

My days are split between trying to earn as much as possible (self employed-get back what i put in etc + likes pretty things) & wanting Willow to have a fun fulfilling day (with less than five hours Peppa Pig). The house is bordering on chaos most days & i feel exhausted just thinking about the housework. Willow has drawn on EVERYTHING & the fact that i let her play with pens just so that i can get five minutes peace probs isn't helping. 

I'm sticking to the healthy eating as much as possible & although exercise has been out of the window - I'm working on it! 

I did find the time to buy some 'Bleach London' products this week so a review is imminent! (Bald by christmas?!) (how many times can i bleach my hair?!).

So things are tough at the moment & we are just trying to find a routine, but once i do i will find more time for blogging, & bleaching my hair etc ;) 

Anyone have any tips on juggling work & mum stuff? Or how to stop my kid living on potato waffles (post on that later).