Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Now that I'm back at work full time, albeit from home, it's tough. I'm struggling to fit everything in. 

My days are split between trying to earn as much as possible (self employed-get back what i put in etc + likes pretty things) & wanting Willow to have a fun fulfilling day (with less than five hours Peppa Pig). The house is bordering on chaos most days & i feel exhausted just thinking about the housework. Willow has drawn on EVERYTHING & the fact that i let her play with pens just so that i can get five minutes peace probs isn't helping. 

I'm sticking to the healthy eating as much as possible & although exercise has been out of the window - I'm working on it! 

I did find the time to buy some 'Bleach London' products this week so a review is imminent! (Bald by christmas?!) (how many times can i bleach my hair?!).

So things are tough at the moment & we are just trying to find a routine, but once i do i will find more time for blogging, & bleaching my hair etc ;) 

Anyone have any tips on juggling work & mum stuff? Or how to stop my kid living on potato waffles (post on that later).

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