Sunday, 7 December 2014


I'm trying to stay positive about this but for someone that eats well (plant based, mostly organic, cooked from scratch yada yada) my kid eats like a teenager with the munchies. 

She's two. She should be eating healthy meals, cooked from scratch, right?! Snacking on carrot sticks & hummus, no?! Well.. She doesn't. I bin most of her dinners untouched. It doesn't matter what i present her with, unless it's sausages & waffles it goes in the bin. If i run out of ketchup even the waffles go in the bin. She eats porridge for breakfast which is great, & she does love fruit. But i don't believe I've ever seen her eat a vegetable, well not one that looks like a vegetable.. Apart from potato obvs. 

In my defence. If she eats crisps they are mainly organic corn puff things that cost a packet. Her ketchup is almost always organic & well it is a tomato. & i serve her healthy food 'most' days. I'd love nothing more than to sit down & eat an actual dinner with her but she is SO anti trying anything new & binning good food is soul destroying. 

So I'm going to make it my mission over the next few weeks to try some sneaky sneaky healthy meals that look like waffles & sausage. Will report back with any recipes! 

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