Friday, 31 October 2014


So over the last few months my hair has been chopped, bleached, bleached, bleached, started falling out, & coloured purple.
I used the 'crazy color ' in shade lavender. I think it cost me about £3.50 on eBay. My hair was still patchy from bleaching it (damn gold tones why you no leave?!). So the lavender is patchy but i kind of like it that way. Overall it was pretty easy to apply. I forgot to get gloves & ended up with ridiculous bright purple hands (lasted ten mins in the bath). I left it on for half hour & the pic above was the result. It's fading nicely as in, the colour is still purple & not too grey! But it is fading pretty fast. I'm not sure that I'd do it again. I'm hoping to get my hair the blond that i want & then just get the roots done. Hoping! 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I'm a bit late reporting back after this. But i survived & I'm a better person for it (health wise anyway!). 
I started the detox early evening so the next & first full day was the absolute pits (i imagine the second day if you start in the morning). After that i felt full of energy & my appetite was pretty non existent.

When i started eating meals again i swore I'd avoid sugar as I'm clearly addicted by the withdrawal symptoms i had, well avoiding sugar i did not. I ate all of the sugar. But i am slowly cutting back & using maple/date syrup as an alternative to refined sugar. 

I'm trying to juice & eat raw for one full day a week & juice twice a day everyday. Here's a couple of my favourite recipes. 

5 large leaves of kale
1 lemon
1 large apple
A 2.5cm piece of fresh ginger
1 sprig of fresh mint & water.

1 handful of basil leaves
1 cucumber, cut in half lengthwise
½ lime, zest and pith removed
1 apple, cut into wedges & water or ice. 

Kale has strong antioxidant health benefits which aids the body in fighting cancer. Lemon juice is antibacterial, high in vitamin C & the juice is alkalising for the body (balancing the bodies PH). Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer properties, protection against rheumatoid arthritis & hydrates your lymph system. Apples, well an apple a day keeps the dr away, right?! Ginger is a rich anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory. Cucumber is 96% water! but the water is naturally distilled making it superior to ordinary water. 

Juice is a great energy booster. If you need a quick pick me up for post-nap fun ;) 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Just a quick update. Yesterday i felt pants. Really hungry, weak & my head was pounding! I nearly caved a few times but managed the whole day on juice & a few nuts. (This is big for me because i eat loads & have zero will power!) 
I've been juicing apples, carrots, melon, red grapes, cucumber, ginger, raspberries & strawberries. I'm not great with green juice so I'll go back to that when I'm just juicing twice a day. I knew if it was green juice five times a day I'd give up.

Anyway day two and i feel SO much better. My headache is gone this morning & so has my appetite! I'm not craving sugar anymore & I'll be avoiding it for good now (the refined kind). 

I'm planning to get through today & then I'll add one meal a day. Noodles & stir fry etc. Very much sticking with whole foods as often as i can. 

I'm going to do some research on juicing & the best fruit & veg to use and then I'll do a post on what I'm adding to my diet long term. I'm thinking of a 24hr juice detox every Monday & juicing twice a day everyday? 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hello all! 
Just a quick update today. I've been letting things slide a little but I'm back on it now (new trainers & all ;) ). I'm doing a three day juice/raw detox (with the exception of coffee because this is a mummy blog & coffee plays a bigger role in my survival than oxygen at the mo). 

I'll let you know if i see any improvements & what 'meal' plan i follow. At the moment (started last night) I'm just juicing what's in the fridge but I'll do some research today (& shopping) & update you all. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I've been trying to make up meals that i can freeze, or at least eat again the next day. Now that I'm back at work I'm more pushed for time than ever so cooking in a batch is a must. These curried chickpeas are amazing & it's really healthy too (you don't have to add roast potatoes but i kinda recommend it!) 

This isn't a recipe as such but a vague idea of what i used. 

So in a bowl i mixed a small amount of fresh ginger, finely diced with three cloves of garlic & some curry powder & garam masala. I added a little olive oil & made a paste. 
I fried off two small organic red onions until soft & then added the paste. 
Then i chucked in three tins of organic chickpeas & two of tomato passata.
Added a few handfuls of organic spinach & some coriander & a squeeze of lemon & some Himalayan salt.


Okay, so you probably won't get fit using this. But I want to talk about all kinds of 'mum' stuff & make this a good blog for naptime reading too. 

So i received the 'mumsnet swears by' email & there was a thread about this Nivea moitsuriser. I remember my mum always using this in the 80's/90's but I'd never tried it myself. Reading some of the comments mentioning 'glowing' & 'celebs use it' & 'SAME INGREDIENTS AS CREME DE LA MER' (that stuff costs a packet) (i need to get another job during naptime to afford that these days). I rushed straight to Boots and picked this up for less than two quid. 

I've been using a pretty pricey Dior moisturiser & this is undoubtably better. My skin IS glowing but not oily, my frown lines are better (& the kid is poorly so believe me I've been frowning!) & my complexion is much better after less than a week! I'm so impressed with this that it will take a lot for me to change (at least until the next mumsnet swears by email..)