Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Just a quick update. Yesterday i felt pants. Really hungry, weak & my head was pounding! I nearly caved a few times but managed the whole day on juice & a few nuts. (This is big for me because i eat loads & have zero will power!) 
I've been juicing apples, carrots, melon, red grapes, cucumber, ginger, raspberries & strawberries. I'm not great with green juice so I'll go back to that when I'm just juicing twice a day. I knew if it was green juice five times a day I'd give up.

Anyway day two and i feel SO much better. My headache is gone this morning & so has my appetite! I'm not craving sugar anymore & I'll be avoiding it for good now (the refined kind). 

I'm planning to get through today & then I'll add one meal a day. Noodles & stir fry etc. Very much sticking with whole foods as often as i can. 

I'm going to do some research on juicing & the best fruit & veg to use and then I'll do a post on what I'm adding to my diet long term. I'm thinking of a 24hr juice detox every Monday & juicing twice a day everyday? 

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