Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Okay, so you probably won't get fit using this. But I want to talk about all kinds of 'mum' stuff & make this a good blog for naptime reading too. 

So i received the 'mumsnet swears by' email & there was a thread about this Nivea moitsuriser. I remember my mum always using this in the 80's/90's but I'd never tried it myself. Reading some of the comments mentioning 'glowing' & 'celebs use it' & 'SAME INGREDIENTS AS CREME DE LA MER' (that stuff costs a packet) (i need to get another job during naptime to afford that these days). I rushed straight to Boots and picked this up for less than two quid. 

I've been using a pretty pricey Dior moisturiser & this is undoubtably better. My skin IS glowing but not oily, my frown lines are better (& the kid is poorly so believe me I've been frowning!) & my complexion is much better after less than a week! I'm so impressed with this that it will take a lot for me to change (at least until the next mumsnet swears by email..) 

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