Friday, 31 October 2014


So over the last few months my hair has been chopped, bleached, bleached, bleached, started falling out, & coloured purple.
I used the 'crazy color ' in shade lavender. I think it cost me about £3.50 on eBay. My hair was still patchy from bleaching it (damn gold tones why you no leave?!). So the lavender is patchy but i kind of like it that way. Overall it was pretty easy to apply. I forgot to get gloves & ended up with ridiculous bright purple hands (lasted ten mins in the bath). I left it on for half hour & the pic above was the result. It's fading nicely as in, the colour is still purple & not too grey! But it is fading pretty fast. I'm not sure that I'd do it again. I'm hoping to get my hair the blond that i want & then just get the roots done. Hoping! 

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