Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hey ladies! 

We are nearly through the first week! I've just had a message on instagram mentioning a 6lb loss. That is pretty awesome isn't it?! 

I've been managing to drink three litres of water a day the last few days. I think at least two litres of pure water is a good aim & some green/white tea. Hydration is SO important for the body to rid itself of toxins. I feel more alert & have more energy because i am hydrated. It's important to sip rather than guzzle or you spend most of the day trying not to pee yourself, & after having a baby it's a challenge that we don't need, right?! 

I made a lovely vegetable chilli last night. It's a great budget friendly meal, & one that is our go to quick dinner. I take willow's out before we add the spices ;) 

I just fry some red onion & carrot, add some pepper & courgette. Then some mushroom & garlic. Once softened I add tinned tomatoes & kidney beans (organic if poss). Then i put aside willow's & add a tablespoon of chilli spice mix. Top with fresh coriander & serve with wild rice. 

I'm going to add an exercise routine tomorrow to mark the first week. I think we have a few ladies joining us from Facebook today so 'Hi' & the planking DOES get easier! I've found the yoga routine is coming together nicely too. I did it in the garden today. Bliss! 

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