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Hiya! I'm Helen. I've been trying clean eating for about 8 months on and off. With diets most people aim for 80:20 ratio of good to cheating. Being honest due to my horrendous will power and penchant for cake, wine, gin and cheese I get more of a 65:35. Hopefully blogging will help me improve this but hey its still a start and I've seen improvements (I don't do scales and have lost my tape measure but today I fitted into a dress I've not worn since I fell pregnant. That is big news for me! Will get some measurements soon for people to have a better idea. 
On to the important bit, the food!
Today I fancied a picky clean tea (following a cake filled 2nd Birthday party today) and had a load of courgette's to use up and some marinatd chicken that needed a side dish.
Courgette Fries:
4-5 handfuls of almonds blitzed up/200g of ground almonds
50g of  grated cheese (I used feta and cheddar but in future I'd use parmesan)
Seasoning -whatever you fancy. I used garlic, mixed herbs and smoked paprika. Do it to taste
1 egg.
1-2 courgettes

Cut the courgettes into chip size,
Coat each one in egg,
Then in the almond/cheese/seasoning mixture
Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees

As there was mixture left I got creative (I hate waste) with some extra dishes

Stuffed peppers:
Almond/cheese/seasoning mix
Plus half a finely chopped courgette,  4 finally chopped mushroom and 2 handfuls of finely shredded kale (I used the bits from my juicer-classy).
Chop the top off a pepper, deseed and stuff with the mixture
Bake for 15 mins at 200 degrees
Both were lovely with the chicken as a tasty light tea. Yum.
I also had some leftover coating/stuffing mix so made some kind of veggie bake thing (like goodies bars). They're awaiting the toddler seal of approval but if they're good, I'll share the full recipe so watch this space. 

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