Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hello ladies! 
We've had a really busy few weeks so I'm sorry the blog hasn't been updated much. I think the best way for this blog to work is to try to update *daily (unless ill, up all night with the kid, kid's birthday or all of the above). To improve our health, tone up, lose weight, or achieve any goals we need to be consistent.. (This doesn't mean you have to give up anything, this blog is about making healthy choices & positive additions to our diet. It's not about living on lettuce. It's about being realistic!) 

So hopefully we are all: planking, doing squats, drinking water & green tea, & winding down with some yoga?! 

It's the start of a new week so I'm going to take some measurements today just for my personal records. Rather than weight loss personally I'm more interested in toning up, seeing changes in the way i feel & wearing crop tops ;) 

I'm starting to get in to a better routine now & I'll probably stick to this for September before adding more. 

I make willow her breakfast (whilst oil pulling!) then while she is eating i boil the kettle for my one coffee whilst doing thirty squats & i do at least two minutes planking. 

During her nap I'm jogging, in my house like a total loser, on the spot for 15 minutes (sometimes i jump or skip). (Then i frantically do some work or clean the house before she wakes!) 

In the evening I'm doing another thirty squats & trying to fit in 30mins yoga/meditation everyday! 

I'm also walking wherever possible (depending how long it takes to get madam dressed & how late we are!)

It's going to be a good week! 

Kaya x

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